Hey, I’m Jane!

Thanks for being here and taking a little peek into my wild life.

I always knew I wouldn’t take a conventional path, but I never realized how far I would stray from the norm.

As all of my classmates geared up for their 9 – 5 office jobs during my last term at university, my mind was somewhere far, far away…

In fact, my thoughts were halfway across the world in Shanghai, where I booked a one way ticket to the day I walked across the stage at graduation.

Since that moment, I haven’t looked back but rather forged a career working remotely and traveling full time (pre-pandemic days).

What began as simple writing gigs has turned into a complete passion for content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and helping bring other people’s visions to life through my words.

Since leaving the USA in 2018, I’ve traveled to 20+ countries, written more than 300 blog posts across different websites, lived in villas and vans, and forged the most meaningful connections every single day. With each passing moment, I feel more and more alive.

I’m frequently asked how I get to do what I do. And while I always reply that “with a dream and hard work, anything is possible,” I’ve created this blog as a collection of concrete steps to take if you, too, would like to embark on the challenging but rewarding world of remote work and travel.


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